Lauren Brim

My name is Lauren Brim and I’m the author of “The New Rules of Sex” and “The New American Family” and I’m a sexual wellness and female empowerment coach living in Los Angeles, California. At the age of 31, after searching for a traditional family since my teens, I decided that not having a husband wasn’t going to stop me from having a baby. After considering insemination, I decided to look for a male friend who was also interested in becoming a parent, and after several months of conversation, we moved forward with our plans and immediately became pregnant. That was only the beginning of our journey of co-parenting, and I now speak publicly about the options that are available to women who desire children and are open to non-traditional family formation. Having a baby with a friend was an amazing decision that gave me the daughter of my dreams, time for my career and social life, and the freedom to have relationships and continue to grow my family.



“I realized I wanted to be a mother, so I found a co-parent partner to have a baby with.” –Lauren Brim


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