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My name is Louise Joy Brown. I was born on 11:47pm on July 25, 1978 in the United Kingdom which sent shock-waves around the world. I was the first IVF baby – the first person ever to be born through science rather than two people having sex or conceiving naturally. The world’s media hailed my birth as a “miracle” which instantly made my name world famous. I was called “the test-tube baby” and my birth sparked a political debate about in vitro fertilization which has followed me my whole life. In the early days, my family was sent hate mail, asked to be on tv interviews, and traveled the world doing appearances until I was about 2 years old. Meanwhile, the debates among politicians and the church and medical professionals about the rights and wrongs of my birth continued. At one point, the Pope made a declaration about me. Despite all that I have lived a relatively normal life, I work full-time and I have two naturally conceived boys with my husband. Over the years as an adult, I have traveled the world meeting people involved in IVF and I’m proud to have provided hope for millions of childless couples and to be part of IVF history. In tribute to my mum and dad and the IVF pioneers Patrick Steptoe, Robert Edwards and Jean Purdey, I have recently captured my story for future generations with my biography book called Louise Brown – Worlds First Test Tube.




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