Healthline’s Best Infertility Blogs of 2019

Infertility can feel like a hopeless sentence for people dreaming of having a baby. But the support and camaraderie of people who are going through the same struggle can offer valuable perspective. In compiling this year’s best infertility blogs, we looked for the ones that are committed to educating, inspiring, and empowering people during their infertility journeys. We hope you find insight, hope, and comfort here.


A Cup of Jo

Joanna Goddard, the founder and namesake of the enormously popular blog A Cup of Jo, writes with grace and warmth about her own infertility journey. It’s just one topic on this varied blog, which also covers style, design, food, travel, relationships, and motherhood.


Trials Bring Joy

Chelsea and Josh weathered close to 10 years of infertility treatments before welcoming their twins in May 2017, and Chelsea captured the highs and lows of their journey on her blog. She says the infertility community runs deep in her heart, and this little family’s story is a powerful reminder that some things are worth waiting for.


Dreaming of Diapers

This tell-all infertility blog is authored by a self-professed “Southern girl” and her husband, who have been trying to conceive for the last five years. In posts that are heartbreakingly honest, she chronicles every step of the journey — from “finding out my potential surrogate could not grow her lining past 5 mm for an entire year” to “recognizing depression, after depression.” Her blog and life can be summed up beautifully in the quote, “The struggle is part of the story.”


Stirrup Queens

Melissa and her husband have twins who were conceived via fertility treatments, and they’re trying to grow their family. She shares her experience with infertility and conception on her blog, where visitors will find information relating to diagnoses, surrogacy, treatment options, helpful guides, medications, tests and surgeries, and loss.


Our Misconception

Candace and Chris have been trying to conceive for more than six years, and have an intimate understanding of the isolation and sense of loss that comes with infertility. That’s why they’re sharing their story. In doing so, they hope their experiences may soften the learning curve for others navigating the same road. The couple shares openly, bravely, and with a hint of humor in passages like this one: “Infertility, it turns out, is more like trying to fish in The Sahara. You have all the tackle (snicker snicker) and see everyone else catching fish, but all you get is dry clumps of sand.”


Amateur Nester

A blog devoted to “Christian encouragement during infertility,” Amateur Nester does a great job of detailing the emotional, physical, and financial aspects of infertility. Lisa and her husband Tom went through multiple rounds of testing and treatment before welcoming their first little girl, and they paid for it all out of pocket. The blog also has content for the newly diagnosed, encouragement to keep people going, information about IVF, and much more.


Path to Fertility

The Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut maintains this blog, which features a rich mix of personal stories, current news and research, the latest in fertility treatments, physician spotlights, prenatal vitamin recommendations, and other useful content.


Life Without Baby

After five years of writing her way through her infertility journey, Lisa Manterfield stopped skirting her deeper issues and emotions and came to terms with a future that wouldn’t include biological children. She wrote a book and started a blog, which has become a haven for other women trying to make peace with a life that didn’t include physically giving birth. This is a safe and support-filled place for conversation and compassion.


Houston Fertility Journal

The Houston Fertility Journal is maintained by the Center of Reproductive Medicine, and it’s a solid starting point for those considering fertility treatments. Recent posts include five benefits of working with a fertility specialist, common symptoms and what to expect after IUI, and how to know if IVF is right for you.



As the name implies, this is a resource for all things egg freezing. The information is intended to inspire and educate women about oocyte cryopreservation by serving as a roadmap complete with extensive medical information for navigating the fertility journey all the way to motherhood. The blog shares guides and personal stories about egg freezing to offer a range of perspectives.


Waiting for Baby Bird

Elisha describes her infertility journey as a bumpy path full of twists, turns, and surprises. Now a mother through adoption, she continues to offer support and resources for other women navigating infertility and miscarriage. Elisha leans heavily on her faith, and her ability to see the bright side in everything is truly inspiring.


Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey

This specialty clinic helps its patients become parents, and their website offers a wealth of information about the infertility process and available options. On the blog, the clinic shares its own news, updates, and events, as well as first-person stories that are uplifting and inspiring.


New York Fertility Institute

The Infertility Blog of the New York Fertility Institute is a platform for breaking news in treatment methods. Read the latest research and statistics relating to improving your chances of conception naturally and with medical intervention, as well as studies relating to children conceived by IVF.


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