Eggsperience’s wheelhouse revolves around womens health, but don’t take our word for it … readseehear, and discover more for yourself. Here are a few resources to get you started on what others are saying about egg freezing online. Please remember to share and pass along this information to others desiring to learn about the process of oocyte cryopreservation.

BOOK Resources: Books

Read about the egg freezing process and use these book suggestions to help learn, discuss, and debate the hard topics around family planning, egg freezing, and other women’s choices. Hopefully, these suggested books will help guide your decision-making process to plan out what you want for your own future choices while you still have time.

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VIDEO Resources: Videos

Watch examples of other women going through the process of freezing their eggs. Learn about all the details involved with the oocyte cryopreservation journey. See first hand what other women face, experience, learn, and how the process of egg freezing turned out or was like for them. Find out more if egg freezing could be the right choice for you in the future.

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PODCAST Resources: Podcasts

Listen to women who have already frozen their eggs and what they are saying now. Hear how they came to this conclusion and why it was the best choice for them. Figure out how these stories apply to your future choices and what you could taking advantage of. Send to others who are also searching for examples of how to navigate through the cluster of fertility technology.

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BLOG Resources: Blogs

Keep up daily with your favorite women who are blogging about their egg freezing journey. Find out what motivated them to choose cryopreservation, the thought process behind it, and what is happening now after they decided to freeze their eggs. Explore other like-minded individuals who you can relate to and keep up with their progress.

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