Watch examples of other women going through the process of freezing their eggs. Learn about all the details involved with the oocyte cryopreservation journey. See first hand what other women face, experience, learn, and how the process of egg freezing turned out or was like for them. Find out more if egg freezing could be the right choice for you in the future.


WCNC – Companies Fronting Costs for Egg Freezing (November 2016)


CNN — Lisa Ling — This Is Birth (September 2016)


CNN — Why Women Won’t Stop Talking About Freezing Their Eggs (May 2016)


For First Time Moms 40 is the New 30 (May 2016)

CBS News Video May 2016


ABC News — 32 Year Shares Video Diary (May 2016)
Financial guru, television personality and author Nicole Lapin documented the emotional journey of freezing her eggs for Redbook magazine.


WSJ — Fertility: Can Older Women Enjoy a Career and Motherhood? (April 2016)


Vproud TV: Having Kids? You’re Not Crazy — Episode 1 (March 2016)


KTVU — Discussing Egg Freezing with Dr. Aimee and Dr. Goldstein (February 2016)


The Real Daytime — Could Egg Freezing Help Women Find Love? (January 2016)

The sexologist and relationship expert Dr. Nikki Goldstein shares why freezing her eggs helped take the pressure off finding Mr. Right.


ABC Nightline — The Business of Egg Donation (November 2015)


Egg Freezing • West Coast Women’s Reproductive Center (October 2015)


Australia Sunday Night — To Freeze or Not to Freeze (September 2015)

It is the fertility industry’s big new money-maker, but are they selling false promises to women who want to have it all and is it appropriate for employers to encourage the practice?


Broadly Vice
— Is It Worth Your Time and Money to Freeze Your Eggs? by Tracie Egan Morrissey (August 2015)

In 2014, tech companies like Apple and Facebook added egg freezing to their healthcare packages. The procedure has since received a lot of media attention, often being touted as a reliable option for career-oriented women to delay parenthood.


ABC Breaking News — The Truth About Fertility: Freezing Your Eggs (July 2015)

New questions about freezing your eggs. Is the promise of prolonged fertility too good too be true? That question is examined in the latest issue of “Time” magazine and ABC’s Mara Schiavocampo has our story about egg freezing, one of the fastest growing trends in fertility.


DNewsWhat You Should Know Before Freezing Your Eggs (April 2015)

More and more women are delaying pregnancy, and some choose to freeze their eggs. How much does it cost, and how does the process work?


ABC News – Good Morning America – Whitney Bischoff: ‘Bachelor’ Winner Opens Up About Freezing Eggs (March 2015)

The 27-year-old fertility nurse, Whitney Bischoff says she froze her eggs as a precaution after seeing so many couples struggle to conceive.


ABC Nightline — Egg Freezing Parties Turn Doctor Visits into Celebrations (March 2015)

Women curious about freezing their eggs can learn more over cocktails, but critics question procedure’s effectiveness. After Whitney Bischoff said yes during the finale of Season 19 “The Bachelor” she then said it was now time for her and her farmer fiance Chris to “Make some babies.” Tonight we’re learning more about how serious she was. Years before her reality TV debut she froze her eggs. Egg freezing was become a big business, but is it for everyone?


CBN — Freezing Time: Beating the Biological Clock for Motherhood (January 2015)

Women are waiting longer than ever to start a family, but if they wait too long, it can be more difficult. Now there’s new hope. The technology of egg freezing can slow down the biological clock for women like Ashley Skidmore and Elizabeth Higgins Clark.


Al Jazeera Correspondent — Motherhood on Ice — Amanda Burrell (December 2014)


People — Joanna Krupa Gets Egg-Retrieval Procedure (December 2014)


CBS Evening News — More Women Turning To Freezing Eggs (December 2014)

Though the procedures typically cost tens of thousands of dollars, a growing population of women are electing to have a baby when they are ready, instead of when their bodies are ready. CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook interviews Elizabeth Higgins Clark about why she choose to freeze her eggs before her 30th birthday.


Intelligence For Your Life — Hot Party Trends: Egg Freezing Parties (November 2014)

What’s one of the hottest parties young women are attending? Egg Freezing Parties! It is a combo of Girl’s Night Out and learning about the process of delaying motherhood by freezing their eggs.


ABC News GMA Egg Freezing Parties Help Women Have Children (November 2014)

Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh, known as the “Egg Whisperer,” offers informational cocktail parties for women interested in freezing their eggs.



The New Yorker — Egg Freezing: A Hope, Not A Promise (November 2014)

Egg freezing or oöcyte cryopreservation — is now an option for women who want to wait to have children, and it is available at clinics across the country. We spent time with Dr. Jamie Grifo, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at NYU Langone Medical Center and a co-director of the NYU egg-freezing program to find out how the process works.


WSJ — Egg Freezing: What to Know (October 2014)

Is egg freezing a perk for young women or a way to keep them working longer? Eggsurance‘s Brigitte Adams and NAFE’s Carol Evans discuss on the News Hub.



PBS NewsHour: Debating the pros and cons of freezing eggs (October 2014)

News of Apple and Facebook paying for their employees’ egg freezing has sparked conversation on the advancement of family planning. Gwen Ifill speaks with Sarah Elizabeth Richards, author of “Motherhood Rescheduled” and Alta Charo of the University of Wisconsin-Madison on the benefits, risks and choices women face.


NBC Nightly NewsFacebook and Apple Cover Egg Freezing Cost for Employees (October 2014)

Tech giants Facebook and Apple announced they will offer up to $20,000 in elective egg freezing coverage for their employees.



SBS2Australia Egg Freezing #The Feed (October 2014)

Tech companies Apple and Facebook announced plans to cover the cost of freezing eggs in employee health benefits. So what are the pros and cons? Andy Park reports.


ESSENCE — Black Women, Fertility & Egg Freezing (September 2014)

Hangout with ESSENCE Relationships Editor Charreah Jackson and Style Expert Tai Beauchamp for an empowering discussion, in conjunction talking about her “The baby raincheck” article featured in the September 2014 issue.


KTLA Wendy Burch Details of Her Pregnancy (July 2014)



Faith Salie Talks About Her Egg Freezing Experience (July 2014)


How To Mom TVEgg Freezing & the Battle for Fertility (June 2014)

Women lose Millions of Eggs by the time ready to get pregnant. Top IVF doc talks about Freeze Your Eggs. Fertility Rates drop drastically over age 30. Women are born with 1-2 million eggs and lose over a half a million of the time they get their first period. What’s worse is that females lose hundreds of eggs with every menstrual cycle, period.


Morning — Fertility Freezing Your Eggs (June 2013)


Huff Post Live: Women Take Control Over Their Biological Clocks (May 2013)

By allowing women to postpone motherhood, egg freezing gives women options to control the timing of career and family and take their time finding a mate. If freezing eggs gives women control over their biological clocks, why won’t more women do it?



Jody Day on creating a meaningful & fulfilling life without children (March 2013)


WCTVFreezing Your Eggs For Future Fertility (February 2013)

We’ve all heard that 40 is the new 30 and with that. many couples are delaying efforts to have a family until later in life. However, fertility decreases with age in both men and women. In 2008, Kelly Trotman was diagnosed with rectal cancer. Reporter Gina Pitisci interviews Kelly Trotman in Tallahassee, Florida.


ABC Maria Menounos: Why I’m Freezing My Eggs (September 2011)

Maria Menounos explains why she decided to freeze her eggs at the age of 33.


Fox News — Is Egg Freezing Giving False Hope To Women? (October 2008)

Dr. Sherman Silber consults a 37 year-old woman who wants to have children about her fertility. A woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 20 is given the opportunity to freeze her eggs when her ovaries have to be removed.


Egg Freezing and Making the Decision
















Howcast — Egg Freezing Process

A common request now is for women to freeze their eggs. We have seen the requests for egg freezing increase dramatically over the past five years. The reason for this is that the technology now exists to freeze eggs effectively, where it did not exist before. In egg freezing, a woman undergoes in vitro fertilization with the use of specialized medications that stimulate the ovaries to release more eggs.


Howcast — How Eggs Are Harvested for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

During the process of in vitro fertilization, eggs need to be harvested from the ovaries to be used for either egg freezing or be available for fertilization and the development of embryos. The actual retrieval of the eggs occurs under general anesthesia and occurs in the IVF suite of the fertility office.


Nikki Goldstein — Egg Freezing Documentary (December 2015)

Nikki is a sexologist and relationship expert in Sydney, Australia who taped her egg freezing journey. Watch as Nikki goes through the process of egg freezing and hear her thoughts as to why more younger woman should be considering this. She hopes to give the right facts and information need to lift the negative stigmas attached to egg freezing.


Vicki Rokhlin — MOTH StorySLAM Making Waves (September 2015)

Vicki is an adventurer, storyteller, and hunter of wonder. She was born in Ukraine, raised in Atlanta, and has called New York City home for the past 6 years. In February 2016, she embarked on an 18-month solo backpacking world tour across 6 continents in search of self discovery and documenting kindness around the world. Here is the MOTH StorySLAM Making Waves about her egg freezing experience.


Laurel House — QuickieChick — ScrewingTheRules (of DATING) — I’m Freezing My Eggs (and why you should too) (November 2013)


Dr. Drew Lifechangers: Maria’s Big Life Changing Decision! (September 2011)

Maria Menounos wants to have children, but not for a few years. As an insurance policy, she visits a reproductive specialist with her boyfriend to see what’s involved in freezing her eggs.


VoozaFrozen Eggs

Egg Freezing: Tech companies are facing a lot of pressure to hire more women. So Vooza, inspired by Apple and Facebook, is adding a new benefit for female employees: egg-freezing. You’ll be shocked at just how easy it is to do. A little egg freezing humor … enjoy!



Birds & Bees: The Real Story

Did you know that 1 in 8 couples have difficulty conceiving? Dreams of starting a family? The truth is sometimes even the Birds and Bees have trouble making babies. Couples should visit a reproductive endocrinologist (a doctor specializing in fertility) if they are unable to become pregnant after one year of regular unprotected sex or less than six months if the woman is over 35.



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