Orly Wahba

My name is Orly Wahba. I’m 37 years old and have lived in Brooklyn all of my life. This year I’m planning to relocate and move to Jerusalem. I decided to freeze my eggs in February 2018 before going on a trip to Israel. I had been thinking and debating freezing my eggs for a while. I’ve been running a non-profit organization called, Life Vest Inside for nearly 8 years. When I thought about all the time I was giving the charity, I realized it was time to also invest in my future family goals and planning. I know I want to be a mother someday. My siblings have gotten married and started their families. As I get older, I realized how beneficial egg freezing could be to protect my desire to have a family. I think egg freezing was the best choice I could have ever made. I would recommend it to anyone who asks. I had a great experience with my fertility clinic and a good experience during the fertility cycle which resulted in a good outcome collecting 29 eggs. I feel a sense of peace knowing I have this backup plan.



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