Pepper Binkley

My name is Pepper Binkley. I’m an actress, voice over artist, writer and director living in NYC with my family. Growing up, one of my best friend’s fathers was a fertility specialist. In our early 20s, I remember he talked to us about the “fertility cliff” and how educated, career driven women were less likely to have children. At the time, the conversations felt absurd, but they stuck with me.

When my husband and I were about to get married in our early 30s, I had my ovarian reserve checked and the numbers weren’t so hot. Cut to my husband and I going through freezing. His insurance covered it and I felt good about buying a little extra time before figuring out whether babies were in the cards. As an adult I was committed to my vocation–acting–and found it hard to wrap my brain around motherhood. I thought I wanted to do it, but wasn’t sure and was wary of how it would affect my career.

Now, several years and two babies later, I’ve created a web series about a cartoonist struggling to be taken seriously (and make a living!) cartooning. She’s unsure about the guy in her life, but she’s sure about her art and wants to buy more time on the fertility front. It’s a funny, sweet series with a ton of information about egg freezing and fertility, much of which came from my own experience. Watch it here now and start a conversation with someone you love (yourself??) about women’s health, fertility, and the life-changing technology of cryopreservation.




“I started writing and creating a project called It’s Freezing Out There web series as part of my own exploration and experiences as I was facing my fertility choices to have it all.” –Pepper Binkley


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