Vix Reitano

My name is Victoria Reitano, but go by the nickname Vix. I froze my eggs on a cold November morning in 2017, but the process, the idea started much sooner than that. I was 15, dreaming of a career and family and knew it would have to be done on my terms. And then at 23 years old, while preparing for the interview that would land me a job as a Producer at LIVE with Kelly and Michael the day after my 24th birthday I heard Maria Menounos speak about her egg freezing journey and I knew it would be part of my story, too.

The act of doing the egg freezing was a lot less idyllic than the idea — 9 days of shots, weight gain, yeast infections, anxiety and, in the end, only 7 eggs frozen. It had a lot of ups and downs — I don’t regret it but I wish I had more eggs frozen… I wish I had embryos… I wish my story was *slightly* different.

I made this decision for myself, for my future self, for my business and for my future children — every day, I am grateful for the ability to make the choice and even more grateful for the chance to share my story. If you want to follow the rest of this journey, you can find me on all social media platforms below and #VixDoesFertility.



“Freezing my eggs was one of the best decisions I made in my 20s, but it doesn’t come without some serious things to consider.” –Vix Reitano


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