The Modern Day Woman

Who is the modern day woman? What does she look like? How does she feel about motherhood? Has she found a parenting partner? Will she become a single mom by choice?


Molly Reynolds of The Modern Day Woman set out to find just that. She interviewed three amazing women (Brigitte Adams of Eggsurance, Sarah Bagg of Life Love and Me, and Valerie Landis of Eggsperience) to capture their egg freezing journey, as well as feedback from fantastic experts (Dr. Kylie Baldwin, Dr. Zeynep Gürtin, Venessa Smith, Dr. Kamal Ahuja) to shed some light into the world of egg freezing today.


What could this mean for a future generation of women to come? Listen for yourself below and hear other interviews about the egg freezing topic that Molly has released for her project. Let us know your thoughts.


Molly Reynolds SoundCloud  — Egg Freezing: The Modern Day Woman 


Originally posted by Molly Reynolds of Modern Day Eggs on 4 January 2017: