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My name is Valerie Landis, a fertility-focused advocate working in the women’s health industry and two time egg freezer. My podcast is called Eggology Club redefining the modern day journey to parenthood and changing the conversation with unfiltered real-life stories about fertility and family planning topics.

The Pitch

Gimlet Media – The Pitch: features real entrepreneurs pitching real investors for real money. I like this podcast because I like knowing about new ideas and products that are trying to come to market. This is a great podcast to help think like an entrepreneur and hear what investors think of their idea. (if you like this show — a similar and equally good podcast show is Side Hustle School with Chris Guillebeau or another by Gimlet, StartUp first season)

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No Limits with Rebecca Jarvis

No Limits with Rebecca Jarvis: telling successful entrepreneur stories of the most impressive women who have influenced the world to gain wisdom, learn from their experience, and the tradeoffs it took to get to success. (if you like this show — similar and equally good podcast show is NPR – How I Built This with Guy Raz or The Startup Pregnant Podcast by Sarah Peck)

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Podcast Brunch Club

Podcast Brunch Club by Adela Mizrachi: this is like a book club but for podcasts who recently teamed up with Sara DaSilva of Audible Feast Podcast to help record reactions from podcast topics and playlists from that month’s topic that listeners react to. Adela started PBC and then it grew to local chapters where people who listen to podcasts also meet up for brunch (obvious) to talk about them.

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