Alexandra Harbushka

My name is Alexandra Harbushka. I live between both in Las Vegas and San Diego. In 2013, I contracted the genital herpes virus HSV2 from my boyfriend at the time. When I was first diagnosed, there was a lot of shame and a lack of support or resources around the topic. I had never treated intimacy and sexual relationships as a casual encounter, so when I contracted HSV, I was shocked. I wanted to build resources I wish I had had and help educate others living with the virus to encourage others living with herpes about how they can live meaningful and productive loves lives despite the diagnosis. I started website and podcast to speak openly about herpes.

Later I started dating my now-husband Gaylord, who was the first person I told about my diagnosis. He was supportive and encouraged me to pursue my quest to help others with my platform. After we got married, we started to plan how we might have a family together. I was 35 years old when we turned to fertility treatments and IVF to get pregnant. We spent a year doing fertility treatments and creating embryos. We decided to use PGS to genetically test our embryos and had several ups and downs during our journey. All of our infertility issues had nothing to do with herpes, we just need science to help us conceive our baby girl due in February 2020. We are beyond excited to become parents together. I found the fertility process and science of IVF so fascinating.



“After unexpectedly contracting HSV, I was determined to help others and not let my diagnoses prevent me from having a family. I did use fertility treatments with my husband to help our family planning choices and options.” –Alexandra Harbushka 


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