Ase Wang

My name is Ase Wang. I was born and raised in Singapore with an eclectic mix of Chinese and Swedish parentage. I have a vast passion for media and the arts. I have found myself on a journey across the globe expressing my fervor and creativity of film, modeling, and television.

My professional acting training began as a student in the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute of New York, Leslie Khan Institute of Los Angeles. Over the years I’ve been in over thirty commercials, starred in feature film Clouds In My Coffee, and was a judge for the reality TV Show Supermodel Me. I have been featured in 20+ covers for a variety of international fashion magazines such as FHM, New Woman, Nylon, Female, and Seventeen.

Aside from being passionate about acting and the media, I have also been involved with competitive horse riding competitions, fitness and training setting up my own gyms called Boxhiit by Ase Wang and opening a barber shop franchise Never Say Cutz in Bangkok Thailand started by “Way” from the famous Hip Hop group Thaitanium. I believe in determination of being a successful business women to excel at not only selling my businesses, but creating a self brand.

I’m always up for new challenges and adventures life throws at me as well as enjoying my hobbies, so egg freezing was a natural next step to buy me more time to plan my future family. I froze two times summer of 2018. I am working to help other women in Asia to have the same opportunity and change the conversation by telling our government what we want to shift the current laws and regulations.




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