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My name is Brigitte Adams. Had I known then what I know now, I would have frozen my eggs much earlier. I was about 37 when I started thinking about it. I just always expected that at my age now I would already have kids. I also had some close friends who were either going through difficult IVF treatments or looking into the adoption process. I contacted a fertility doctor in my city who told me to “just get pregnant.” Not exactly what I wanted to hear! Also the clinic did not have very good egg freezing statistics so I put the idea on the back burner.

One year later, around New Year’s Eve, I decided to look into the process again. I did more research and contacted a clinic in Denver. Unlike the previous doctor, he gave me some information on the egg vitrification process and the positive results they were achieving. And, that was it! I decided that day to move forward with the process and freeze my eggs.

I have to say that I learned how uninformed I was about fertility. Many things that I thought to be true were not and I needed to do a lot of reading and ask a lot of questions to better educate myself. I just assumed that since I look much younger than my age, and eat well and exercise, that I must have a healthy supply of eggs. I was surprised when I learned that maternal age directly correlates to the health of your eggs.

For me the most difficult part of the process was the time it took for me to complete – from start to retrieval. My first cycle did not work as I had a small cyst in a follicle. My second cycle did not work either as I never got my period – this had not happened to me since college! Luckily the third cycle worked like a charm and they retrieved eleven eggs. But it was a three-month period from when I expected to complete the process to when I actually did.



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