Erin Sykes

My name is Erin Sykes. I’m 36 years old. I’ve lived both in LA and NYC since graduating from college in 2004.  For work, I’m a retail commentator and guest host on QVC. I really love yoga and am currently actively dating. I completed my first cycle egg freezing in January 2019 and had 8 eggs retrieved, but only 4 made the freeze. I absolutely adore my reproductive fertility doctor Dr. Debbra Keegan and the medical team at IRMS in NJ. Now, I’m preparing for my second cycle later in 2019 and we are working on a different medication protocol to help stimulate for greater results based on my first cycle.




“What I was initially scared of about egg freezing was the injections, but that actually ended up being easy. I plan to complete a few cycles to ensure my future.” –Erin Sykes


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