Emily Hartridge

My name is Emily Hartridge. I live in the United Kingdom and I’m 34 years old. I am a personal trainer, TV presenter, YouTube vlogger, comedian, and dog lover. I love to talk about everything taboo, so when I froze my eggs several times it only felt natural to talk about it too. I’d always assumed I’d settle down and have kids when the time was right. Even when my last serious relationship ended in 2011, I didn’t worry. But after two years of being single, I decided to try my luck with dating apps and signed up to Tinder, as some of my friends had met their partners through it. After spending eight years being let down, ghosted and lied to by hopeless men on dating apps, I refused to miss my chance at motherhood. I decided to freeze my eggs after my mom offert to help pay for it. Two weeks before I was due to freeze my eggs in November 2018, I met my boyfriend Jake who is a fellow personal trainer. Now I am working on my third egg freezing cycle. You can watch my journey freezing on my YouTube channel. I’m also known for my videos on “Top 10 Reasons Why…” for topics include anything from sex, relationships, love, gender, life, depression, egg freezing and more. Let’s be honest and real because life is just too short.



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