Krista Mays

My name is Krista Mays. I’m a 32-year-old based in New York City and work as a plus-size model. My fertility journey began in August 2018 when I found out my AMH levels were at 0.78, which is below average. I decided to freeze her eggs in November 2018 after learning this information and froze for a second cycle in January 2019 to preserve my chances of having children. Collectively I now have 19 eggs frozen for future use and looking to freeze one more time. With the ability to take control of my future in regards to children, I’ve begun to explore options of how to get more involved in the fertility conversation. My passion has been lit up by this experience and I want to educate, talk and help women make choices for themselves and their personal fertility journey.  This experience and knowledge has opened doors for me to share my story assisting others along the way.



“I think the hardest part of the egg freezing process was navigating insurance or the lack thereof. My coverage was denied just days before I was supposed to start my treatment.” –Krista Mays


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