Jess Katz

My name is Jess Katz. I decided to freeze my eggs after battling with endometriosis since I was 14 years old. Endometriosis is a painful disorder where tissue inside of your uterus grows outside of your uterus on other organs or structures in the body. My doctors told me that if I wasn’t ready to get pregnant within the next year, which I wasn’t ready yet, that I needed to freeze my eggs. I was 28 years old, newly single, and wanted to increase my chances of becoming a mom some day. I spent months preparing to do everything possible to have the best egg freezing cycle. Then came the bad news that I didn’t have enough egg follicles to start a cycle. Unfortunately, endometriosis is one of the leading causes of infertility in women. Finally in October 2019 my doctor said my follicle count was high enough, I was approved to start my first fertility cycle. I took hormones for 2 weeks and on retrieval day they pulled out 11 eggs. The next day I got the call that only 4 of my 11 eggs were mature. Once I found my strength again, I decided to go through another cycle. At this point, it was almost the holidays. The retrieval went well, and they were able to get 12 eggs, but only five were mature. The endometriosis had returned again and about one month after my second egg freezing cycle, in January 2020, I had another surgery. I decided that those two fertility cycles were all that I would do and I let myself feel proud for making it through two cycles with a total of nine frozen eggs.




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