Lori Jay Hall

My name is Lori Jay Hall. I live between Atlanta and Washington, DC and I’m the head of marketing for an entertainment TV network. I never thought about my fertility until I approached 38 years old. I always assumed I’d have a family one day in my 30’s, but then in my late 30’s, I realized that I needed to preserve my option to have a biological child in case I don’t meet my mate in a timely fashion. My fertility journey began in November 2018 with my first cycle of egg freezing, and I’m currently on my third cycle (April 2019). Now that I’ve done this, I’m passionate about advocating for women to preserve their option to have a biological child, even if they’re not 100% sure they want one. If there’s even a chance that you may want a child one day, egg freezing empowers you to take your time in deciding.



“I was hesitant at first to freeze my eggs because I thought if God wants me to have a child He would give me a child, but then I realized maybe God gave me these doctors, technology, and science to enable me to have a child later.” –Lori Jay Hall


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