Maya + Noah Moskin

We are Maya Grobel Moskin and Noah Moskin. We live in Los Angeles and met in college. After being together for several years, we decided to start our family. When pregnancy just wasn’t happening for us, as a couple in our 30’s we sought help of a fertility specialist. During our treatment, we learned that we faced early ovarian reserve loss. We began to film and document our many attempts to make a baby through assisted reproductive technology with Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), IVF with donor eggs, and finally embryo donation. We endured shots and hormones for over three years before giving birth to our daughter. Throughout the hard times, filming this experience first hand gave us a break from an often bleak and sad time to see how far we have come.

One More Shot is a feature length documentary about how our journey to parenthood. The film is available now via iTunes, Amazon, Vimeo On Demand, and on Netflix (Jan 15, 2018). Infertility has never been revealed in a film like this before with an unflinching look at the hope, loss, and humor that come from trying to start a family when you can’t do it the old fashioned way.




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