Angella Nguyen

My name is Angella Nguyen and I’m a 37 year old startup specialist in Marketing Strategy. After working in fashion in NYC for 9 years, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my MBA, where I worked at Tesla Motors and EVelozcity, both electric vehicle companies of extreme growth environments. I co-founded a healthcare startup while in school. As my career track grew more aggressive, I put a lot of my personal life on hold, which began the conversation if I should freeze my eggs questions, which surprisingly, was prompted by my supportive parents! Gathering the funds to do so, particularly being in the startup environment, was a challenge that I took head on and ended with great results.



“Egg freezing was the most optimal choice for me right now because timing wise I want to see where my relationships, startup company, business ventures, and life go from here.” –Angella Nguyen


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