Agnes Fischer

My name is Agnes Fischer and I live in New York City. And like a lot of women in NYC, I’m a bit freaked out about how, when, and if I’ll ever have babies. After trying to actively get pregnant unsuccessfully with my husband of 3 years at the time, I realized getting pregnant isn’t as easy as I had been led to believe, even at my relatively young, healthy age. At 36, I found myself recently divorced after several rounds of failed fertility treatments and decided to take control of my biological clock (or at least attempt to) by freezing my eggs. I know there is no guarantee by freezing my eggs but feel that preserving my reproductive potential to one day become a mom was my best option.

Without the shackles of the ticking clock, I could once again enjoy my freedom and independence. For me, egg freezing was one of the ultimate forms of feminism, as it levels the playing field between men and women. I believe it is important to have open and honest conversations around fertility and our reproductive limitations. I was raised to believe I could do whatever I wanted, including having kids, it came as a shock when I couldn’t get pregnant naturally. I discovered I wasn’t alone in getting this horrible surprise. We never talk about the hard, cold, facts, or presented with other options, so I hope to change that instead of waiting until we are ready to actively try to get pregnant, at which point, it may be too late. In an effort to have real, honest conversations and to remove the stigma of infertility, I started a blog, which eventually led to my book, “Eggs Unscrambled. Egg Freezing, Fertility, and the Truth About Your Reproductive Years.” The book was recently published and is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.




“Instead of waiting until we want a pregnancy to learn you cant, egg freezing is best Plan B.” –Agnes Fischer



 Eggology Club PodcastSeason 1 Episode 06 — Fifty Shades of Fertility


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