Genevieve Uys

My name is Genevieve Uys. I’m 29 years old and live in Cape Town, South Africa. In early 2011, I hear about egg donation for the first time when I was only 20 years old. I decided to become an egg donor locally in South Africa and in Mumbai.  Both of those donation experiences did not live up to expectations. I sought out to provide a more personal and boutique experience for both egg donors and intending parents alike and started the company Traveling Donors. To date, I’ve helped personalize the process for international egg donor to 4 families in Brisbane, California, New York and Malaysia.

After being an egg donor and freezing for myself, I’ve become extremely knowledgeable in the field of international egg donation and strive to be the voice of egg freezing in South Africa by creating awareness among other career-orientated women like myself. I have frozen her eggs for myself in addition to donating them to other families which was a decision I made to be proactive about my reproductive future.


“I want to protect my future even though I don’t have the desire to have a child right now. I want to be able to say if I want to have a child on my own or have a baby with a partner, that can happen.” –Genevieve Uys

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