Monica Olivas

My name is Monica Olivas. I am a certified Holistic Health Coach and running coach. I’m running and eating all around the world but my home base is in Southern California where I was born and raised. I’m also a red-headed Mexican which doesn’t really help with running or eating but might explain why I’m so loud? I started blogging over ten years ago to document my journey to lose weight and train for her first full marathon. I was a chubby kid and always struggled with my weight. In college, I tried every diet out there – Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, the cabbage soup diet… I could go on!

The scale would go up and down and up again as I starved myself… then binged and repeat. The summer after high school I started to go on walks to get some exercise and help with my weight loss. At first, I’d walk with a friend or my mom. But after the summer ended they were too busy and I had to walk alone. So I went to my Grams’ to walk on her treadmill. Eventually, I started to get bored of walking and ran a little bit. Then, I ran a little bit more. Eventually, I was running about 5 miles (albeit slow). When a friend heard this they convinced me to run a 10K with them. I reluctantly agreed.

Along the way, I fell in love with running and after that first marathon. I continued to update my website, Run Eat Repeat with recipes, workouts, and personal life updates. Now I’m run dozens of half marathons & marathons all around the US and lost 20 pounds and Run Eat Repeat grew an amazing following and continues to grow. I pursued my love of running and health and took the time to learn more about them so I could better serve my followers.

Recently, I have decided to freeze my eggs. After an unplanned divorce, egg freezing seemed like a smart and “egg-ucated” thing to do and a realistic way to increase my odds of motherhood down the line. The decision was not taken lightly and I debated the topic for over a year. I want to share my story and I also want to help you hit your goals. If you have any questions or need some support feel free to reach out to me.



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