Kara Egber

My name is Kara Egber. When I was 34-years-old, I had my AMH level tested by a blood test. All my levels were normal. My OBGYN said if I wasn’t trying for a baby by 35 or 36, I should freeze my eggs. That way if I had issues getting pregnant down the road, I would have the best chance to get pregnant with my younger eggs. I froze my eggs twice in 2016 (when I was 36) and will freeze again, one last time in January 2017. Each retrieval so far, I have been able to collect 7 eggs where 5 were viable to freeze. I have always wanted to a mother but wasn’t ready in my 20’s. In my 30’s there have been a ton of boyfriends, but no father/marriage potential in the ones I dated. I’m freezing my eggs to help ensure a future of motherhood should I need help getting there down the road. I would have a harder time learning I can’t be a mom than using the option of my frozen eggs.I shifted my own priorities. In the end, a wedding is just a day, but a baby is forever. I hope I never have to use my frozen eggs, but if I do they will be there.


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The Outline — “Mom Can I Have $10,000 to Freeze My Eggs.”