Lisa Ashe

My name is Dr. Lisa Ashe. I’m a Board Certified Internal Medicine physician based in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. I launched my practice called, Be Well based on years of experience as a traveling physician and observations in multiple clinical environments. I noticed that in the current healthcare climate many of the critical needs of patients are not being addressed due to limitations imposed by physicians or insurance providers.

I have chosen to freeze my eggs in September 2016. Now I’m 36 years old and realize it might be time to get serious about having children one day. I’ve had patients ask me, ‘I’m 33. I’m 35, should I do it?’ Then I have friends who are a bit older than me, 40, 41, and I saw couples have significant problems trying to have a baby. They got married at 39 and they just started trying to have a baby at 40 and they had to do two or three rounds of in vitro. It’s better to have 36-year-old eggs than 42-year-old eggs. I do want to get married, but I don’t want to rush.

Egg freezing is a good choice for me. I’ve had this discussion with several other ministers. I feel like this is another resource that God’s given us. And I equate it to a kidney transplant or any other medical technology that helps us live better and healthy.



“I feel like egg freezing is another resource that God’s given us and I chose to use it to protect my family in the future.” –Lisa Ashe


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