Sarah Ford

My name is Sarah Ford. I live in Brisbane Australia. I worked as a Judge’s Associate and for Legal Aid Queensland and the Crime and Corruption Commission, before joining Gilshenan & Luton Legal Practice in 2013. I represent both private clients and regulatory agencies in misconduct, criminal defense, and regulatory prosecution work. I’m one of those women who want to “have it all” a successful career and a family, so when I was 30 years old, I decided to freeze some eggs with a view to prolonging pregnancy so that I could focus on my career.


Despite being perfectly healthy and having no family history of fertility issues, my first egg freezing cycle was unsuccessful. I decided to undergo a second cycle (using different medications) and although the initial results weren’t promising, in the end I was able to freeze some eggs. I’m so glad that I froze my eggs. I do look forward to motherhood someday, but right now my career is my priority. As a career-driven 31-year-old, I was fed up with the unsolicited and oppressive reminders that my biological clock was ticking and my fertility rapidly declining. Having undertaken egg freezing, I feel like I’m one step closer to having it all. My biological clock hasn’t stopped ticking, but it has certainly been muted.



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